• Emil Frey Group to be appointed as import partner
  • More agility and flexibility will foster growth
  • Another important step in the implementation of PACE! plan
Rüsselsheim. Opel is further developing its business strategy in selected European markets to become more agile, flexible and efficient as outlined in the PACE! strategic plan. In a further step to foster growth, Opel is planning to run the business in the Czech Republic and Slovakia through the highly recognised and successful Emil Frey Group as the local independent import partner.

A corresponding contract has now been signed. Upon the closing of the planned transaction, the Emil Frey Group will become the wholesale importer for above markets by acquiring the Opel business in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The current Opel employees covering the related Opel businesses will be transferred according to the applicable laws (to be communicated separately), latest at the date when the transaction is completed.

This transaction (and the launch of the new business model) is primarily subject to the official antitrust approval of the respective authorities.

“This is another decision in line with the goals of our PACE! strategic plan which will make our sales set-up in certain European countries more agile, efficient and therefore competitive,” said Xavier Duchemin, Opel/Vauxhall Managing Director Sales, Aftersales and Marketing. “The Emil Frey Group is currently a very important partner of Opel for the Retail business in many European markets. With this contract signed, the Emil Frey Group will become a future importer partner being responsible for the Czech Republic and

Slovakia Opel partner. We are confident that our brand will perform even better in Czech Republic and Slovakia with this new set-up.”

The Emil Frey Group is a family-owned Swiss company headquartered in Zurich and founded in 1924 by the car mechanic Emil Frey. The business is active in the automotive industry and specializes in wholesale, retail, financing, leasing, logistics as well as in the parts business for cars. The company operates several brands across different European countries employing 22,000 employees.

Opel sold about 12.000 vehicles in Czech Republic and Slovakia in 2018. Thanks to the new organisational set-up, the tradition-rich German brand wants to grow profitably in the region in the coming years.