• South Africans encouraged to share stories of thanks to essential workers
  • Candle-lighting ceremony planned for 14 April at 20:00
April 8, 2020; Pretoria: Mahindra South Africa wants to honour the workers who are sacrificing their time and energy and putting themselves in harm’s way to support their fellow South Africans during the coronavirus pandemic.

The company has launched a Hero Campaign where it will engage its dealer network, employees, suppliers and fellow South Africans to share stories of selfless sacrifice and thank all these everyday South African heroes.

“Throughout this lockdown period, we have heard countless stories of South Africans who have sacrificed time with their families and faced personal risk to support their fellow countrymen. This is true for all our healthcare workers, but also for the many essential services that help to keep us safe and our food shelves stocked,” says Rajesh Gupta, CEO of Mahindra South Africa.

“Like a candle, each of these essential workers has selflessly given of themselves to bring light and warmth to their fellow South Africans.”

As a vehicle supplier to many essential services, including municipalities, policemen and women, the military and healthcare services, Mahindra has committed to keeping a core network of dealers open to help during this time.

Elsewhere, for instance in India, the company has also extended its support to the manufacturing of critical medical equipment and protective clothing.

“Throughout our many global divisions and affiliates, we have been sharing stories of heroes who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to serve their fellow countrymen. These stories all resonate with our corporate ethos of ‘Rise’, where we commit to rising above our circumstances to support our customers and to grow. It is in light of this, and as a simple act of gratitude that we would like to light a candle for our essential services,” says Rajesh.

For the next week, Mahindra will encourage people and companies in its circle of influence to light a candle and personally thank any essential workers that they know or come into contact with.

The company hopes that this small act of appreciation will spiral wider and wider and help essential workers to stay the course during the lockdown. It will conclude the campaign with a special candle-lighting ceremony on social media on 14 April at 20:00.

“On 14 April we, our dealers, suppliers and friends will light a candle and let it burn for a while in your doorway, balcony or in your home to commemorate every selfless sacrifice during the lockdown. During this short time, we encourage everyone to think of the essential workers that have supported us during this time,” says Rajesh.

South Africans who would like to participate are encouraged to join the conversation by using the tags #AlwaysUpForAChallenge, #MahindraSA and #WithYouAlways, to allow Mahindra to share their thoughts.