The Bianconeri continues to improve their record, winning their ninth title in a row even with two rounds of the championship remaining. To celebrate this feat, the Jeep® brand is launching a new ad campaign, set apart by its pay-off, “Campioni in Carica” and the hashtag #Stron9er.

There are two ways to develop and consolidate a certainty: through change and through continuity. Within only a few days, Jeep® and Juventus have provided concrete examples of these two divergent criteria. The brand to which we owe the creation of the Sport Utility Vehicle concept has just launched the new Jeep Renegade4xe and Compass 4xe featuring innovative plug-in hybrid technology: ano-compromise hybrid solution integrated with Jeep's unparalleled technical content guarantees preeminence on all terrains, along with a lower environmental impact. With recognized, benchmark capability, the brand takes on a new pathway focused on the environment and technology.

For its part, Juventus is a champion of continuity and is taking the only path it knows: victory. The Bianconeri won the Serie A TIM 2019-2020 soccer championship, improving their form and setting a new record inItaly’s soccer history. The Bianconeri have bettered themselves even further, once again demonstrating their affinity with the Jeep brand, Official Sponsoron their winning streak since the 2012-2013 season.

To celebrate this feat, Jeep is launching a new ad campaign, featuring the pay-off “Campioni in Carica”.The message celebrates both the championship victory and the launch of the new JeepRenegade and Compass 4xe, the first plug-in hybrid SUVs of the Jeep brand.

This difficult sports season, too, the winning combination between Jeep and Juventus – which was established and has prospered with shared values of authenticity and passion, leading to sixteen titles in eight seasons including the Serie A Championship, the Coppa Italia and the Supercoppa Italia – has written unforgettable pages in the history of Italian soccer. To add to its haul of consecutive titles, the Bianconeri are the first team to rack up 1,600victories in Serie A, as well as one of its standout players, Gianluigi Buffon, having set an all-time record of 648 caps in the Italian Championship.