• Fuel prices will rise significantly from April 7
  • Increased public transport costs and higher costs in the value chain will place additional strain on budgets
  • Ford’s RangeHer campaign has allowed inspiring women to experience the Ranger’s many virtues, including proven fuel economy
PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA, 7 April 2021 – South African motorists will be paying more at the pumps from 7 April, according to the latest information from the Automobile Association of South Africa (AA).

Due to factors like the rand’s depreciation against the dollar, petrol (93 octane) is set for an increase of 95 cents a litre while low-sulphur diesel will increase by 63.2 cents. As a result, the fuel price is forecast at R17.10 a litre for 93 octane and R14.80 for low-sulphur diesel.

The AA notes that the increases to the fuel price will have widespread negative consequences for everyone in the country, not just for motorists. "We can only stress again the severe additional damage these increases will have on household budgets, both directly and indirectly as the increased transport costs ripple throughout the value chain. Increased public transport fares will surely also not be far off either," the AA says.

Many South Africans are left wondering if they need to compensate by buying down to a smaller vehicle, but this isn’t always necessary. Ford’s modern turbocharged engines mated with its trendsetting 10-speed gearbox, currently available in the Ford Ranger, make it possible to still enjoy the diverse benefits of a bakkie without needing to stretch your finances.

Just ask Mapalo Makhu, Leigh-Anne Williams or Angie Khumalo. These inspiring women were chosen to lead Ford SA’s ‘RangeHer, She’s Got Range’ campaign. This first-of-its-kind initiative was created to show that women have the power to change the world around them, and that nothing is impossible with the right attitude and the all-conquering Ford Ranger.

During the past six months, these icons of South African radio, television and publishing have seen and done it all, but the Ranger’s exceptional fuel economy still caught them by surprise.

Upon returning their beloved Fords, these RangeHer ambassadors reflected warmly on their time with the locally assembled Rangers, focussing on one of its greatest strengths: fuel economy. Here’s what they each had to say.

Leigh-Anne Williams (South African actor, TV and radio presenter)
“My journey with the Ranger Raptor has been such an incredible adventure for the last few months. It's incredibly smooth and quiet for its size.

Talking about the size and all the capabilities of the bakkie, there was one thing that I was a tiny bit concerned about – the fuel consumption. I used my Raptor every single day for work so I was worried that it would be a guzzler.

Amazingly, it is very efficient in terms of fuel economy. With all the driving I did, on average I only filled up twice a month, or a little more if doing weekend excursions. For an immensely capable vehicle like the Ranger Raptor this was really impressive.”

Angie Khumalo (Radio DJ and cattle farmer)
“My Ford Ranger Wildtrak was a workhorse of note! As a farmer, not only do I have long distances to drive to transport stock and farm inputs, I also drag around trailers to transport livestock to auctions and feedlots.

I was quite taken aback and pleasantly surprised by how economical the Wildtrak is when it comes to fuel consumption! Generally, I would need to put in fuel every third day or so, but not anymore! I put in fuel and the Wildtrak went through all the paces I required from it for a whole week, if not more. Even on trans-provincial trips, I didn’t have to worry about stopping every few hundred kilometres to fill up, because the Wildtrak’s tank just somehow seemed to last longer than what I was used to. Even with the trailers, the power was still plentiful and it didn’t drink fuel.”

Mapalo Makhu (Author and founder of Women and Finance)
"My family and I took several trips in the Ford Ranger, travelling to amazing places such as Clarens, Pilanesberg and Ladysmith, and the long-distance drives were a pleasure. The roads were a breeze in all conditions, including gravel and tarred roads. The fuel consumption on long-distance trips was really good. The 2.0-litre turbodiesel engine provides good performance whilst being very fuel-efficient in both congested and open road conditions.

“The new 2.0-litre Bi-Turbo engine is a perfect combination of muscular power, graceful efficiency and has been rigorously tested to meet the toughest criteria”, says Dale Reid, Product Marketing Manager at Ford South Africa. “In order for these RangeHer ambassadors to push themselves further, they also required a vehicle that could do the same and not waste valuable time at the fuel station. Whether driving on the long open road to the farm like Angie Khumalo, or balancing a busy work and family schedule in the city, the Ford Ranger always has something left in the tank to turn your goals into reality,” says Reid.