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Date: 18 Jun 2020 Author Type: Press Release
Author: Toyota South Africa
Source: Toyota South Africa

After more than two months of hard lockdown, Toyota South Africa Motors (TSAM) is welcoming its customers and other road users back on the byways and highways – as the country further opens up the economy. To thank its customers and other non-essential services motorists for having heeded the government’s call to stay home, TSAM has launched #ToyotaUnlocked.

The campaign has been rolled out on several Toyota social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as local TV channels and YouTube. Created by FCB Joburg, the commercial conveys a message of hope that with the unlocking of dealership doors, also comes the unlocking of business and convenience.

The film shows drivers picking up keys, after weeks of hard lockdown, and taking their cars out of garages and from under car covers. An animated device of a padlock unlocking to transition the word ‘Locked’ to ‘Unlocked’ was used as a metaphor for the country and the economy coming out of lockdown.The secondary message from TSAM is that all Toyota dealerships across the country have been prepped to offer a safe environment for customers when they’re shopping for new and pre-owned vehicles or taking their cars in for servicing.

According to the Vice President of TSAM Marketing and Lexus Sales Glenn Crompton: “Our message of safety to our customers has now gone beyond reminding everyone to drive with caution and great care. We are now urging everyone to practice social distancing and hygiene – although the latter has always been a hallmark of Toyota, Lexus and Hino dealerships for years. With the government having relaxed its lockdown regulations, we call upon everyone to remember that this kind of freedom – in times of COVID-19 – comes with great responsibility to protect one-self and those around them.”

The #ToyotaUnlocked film was FCB’s first full production since South Africa went into the lockdown. It was produced towards the end of lockdown Alert Level 4 and required all cast and crew to comply with COVID-19 protocols during the production – including strict sanitisation, regular temperature checks and the wearing of masks at all times.

To ensure the continued protection of its patrons against possible COVID-19 infections at its facilities, TSAM said that it has prepared new standard operating procedures and comprehensive precautionary measures that adhere to the Department of Health’s directives. In addition, all COVID-19 educational paraphernalia for the benefit of customers – such as signage and social distancing markings – had to be set up.

Customers will also have their hands sanitized upon entering dealerships, while paying in hard cash will be discouraged in favour of EFTs, cheque/credit card Tap & Go as well as Apps such as Snapscan and Zapper (credit card machines to be regularly sanitized).

Crompton concluded that TSAM will also continue to closely review the developments in dealerships in all regions and would take any necessary steps based on the eventualities that may arise.

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