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Date: 30 Oct 2019 Author Type: Press Release
Author: Isuzu South Africa
Source: Isuzu South Africa
PORT ELIZABETH. - Close to 100 staff members from Atlas Security recently participated in the Isuzu Driving Academy’s Defensive and Advanced Driver Training in Port Elizabeth – becoming the first security company in the Eastern Cape to do so.

With almost 80% of the Eastern Cape-based security company’s fleet being Isuzu vehicles, it was time for both the technical and operational staff to get to know their Isuzu’s – some of which are nicknamed ‘Beasts’ - a bit better.

Atlas Security Operations Manager Monty Montgomery said the ride height and durability of the Isuzu D-MAX bakkies make it the ideal vehicle for Atlas Security, to prevent costly damage when driving on bad roads, since the company has expanded beyond the city boundaries of Port Elizabeth to now also serve the security needs of the communities living in and around Port Alfred and Alexandria.

“We have recently introduced a number of the latest Isuzu bakkies into our Armed Response Fleet – proudly nicknamed the ‘Beasts’. These eye-catching vehicles in the new urban camo livery and reflective branding are a talking point amongst our customers. The bakkies have proven to be durable and go anywhere without straining their abilities,” said Montgomery.

The latest Atlas Security D-MAX bakkies have a matte finish and have been kitted out with the latest in-vehicle tracking units, 2-way radios, fire and emergency medical kits and in-car touch screen auto dispatch devices. “These Beasts have specialized LED spotlights to see better in bushy areas – on both the sides and rear. This affords 360-degree visibility day and night,” said Montgomery.

He said the reason why Atlas Security embarked on the staff training with the Isuzu Driving Academy was to avoid accidents – particularly when responding to critical emergencies.

“When responding under duress, the response officers could potentially make mistakes. Our aim is to make them more aware, and better able to avoid accidents. The value of driver training is more evident now after having participated in this course, I think we will be in a better position to get to our clients in a timely manner and to do so safely,” said Montgomery.

One of the Atlas Security staff members who participated in the driver training, Leon Pienaar, said he particularly enjoyed the emergency braking and emergency lane change training.

“You forget certain aspects of driving when you are on the road every day, and it was nice to brush up on some technical driving skills. I wish the training was longer – we really enjoyed it so much,” said Pienaar.

Another Atlas staff member, Darius Botha rated the knowledgeable Isuzu Driving Academy’s instructors as excellent.

“I learnt many new things, like where to check how old a tyre is. The training will definitely help me in my driving, and to do my everyday work of responding to emergencies even better,” said Botha.
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