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Date: 11 Sep 2019 Author Type: Amateur Journalist
Author: Deshen Naidoo
Source: Autoworld

Make a Statement in the Brand-New Honda Civic Sport

At first glance, a car will often speak for itself. The initial impression can be the biggest deciding factor for a vehicle. However, some cars require a little more dedicated time and attention. This is certainly the case with the brand-new Honda Civic Sport.

After spending a week with the car, it is abundantly clear that the updated Civic is far more than meets the eye.

My Driving Experience

For a full week, I had the pleasure of driving the Honda 1.5T Sport CVT. In this time, I was surprised in many ways as I experienced everything that the car had to offer.

The 1.5T motor delivers more than I expected, and seeing that the car is a large sedan, the engine performed very well on open roads and within city centres. With its turbo charged, 4-cylinder motor producing 127Kw and 120Nm, the power offered is substantial and suits the car very well. Furthermore, the newly developed light weight, rigid chassis is accompanied by a revised independent suspension setup, providing the vehicle with boosting stability and corner confidence.

What About the Comfort?

Honda has noted that they designed the new Civic to streamline the driving experiencing. Now that many hours have been spent with the vehicle, it is clear that they have done exactly that.

The Civic Sport offers comfort, a sophisticated new interior and a high-end technology entertainment unit. Tying everything together with a perfectly designed dash and high-quality surfaces that are soft to the touch, Honda has gone above and beyond when it comes to interior design. The manufacturer also improved on general visibility, increased boot space and replaced the manual park brake with a more electronic design.

I wish I could have spent even more time in the Civic. However, I had to step into the office to take care of daily tasks, constantly looking forward to what would be a wonderful drive home.

Describing the comfort of the Civic is almost too hard to put into words, as the car truly speaks for itself.

How Safe Did I Feel?

At no point in my time with the car did I feel worried or unsafe. Nevertheless, the many systems from Honda allowed me even more peace of mind.

Integrated throughout, the Civic is host to some of the most advanced safety technologies available today. What this means is that there is an entire set of features dedicated to keeping every occupant safe.

Some of these safety features include:

  1. Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA)
  2. Airbags
  3. Auto Brake Hold
  4. Electric Parking Brake
  5. Advanced Compatibly Engineering
  6. Hill Start Assist
  7. Rear Parking Sensor
  8. Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD)

Would I Purchase the New Honda Civic Sport?

Yes, I would.

If I had to think of something missing in my experience, I could have perhaps done with a different wheel. Maybe one from a Civic Type R, although I didn’t have a huge issue with the one provided.

Being able to drive the Civic on a daily basis would be an absolute pleasure. Everything from the performance to the safety and comfort was truly superb. Anyone would be very lucky to have the new Honda Civic Sport in their lives.

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